Monday, 7 December 2015

Works Christmas Doo!

So its that time of the year again where everyone from work meets up and gets drunk!
 Its perfect for bonding, and making those memories that you cant live down. 

This year (my first year at this particular salon) we chose to go to the NEC in Birmingham, which was quite a posh event! When we arrived, women were in their ball gowns and all the men were suited and booted. But to be honest the event was that jam packed you could barely move to see any ones dress or suit anyhow! 

It was a fab event with alcohol, rides, performances and a 3 course meal! What could be better!? 
It took a little while before everyone started dancing (for the alcohol to kick in) and we were all having a great time. Its nice to see your boss and colleagues letting their hair down! And true to form the next day everyone is whacking out the photos of everyone drunk (i wont share these on here as i couldn't live it down) 

Massive well done to who ever was working at the NEC that night, the amount of people that were there and all having a 3 course meal, it all ran smooth with no problems and everyone was happy! 
Overall it was a fab night and one to remember!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

All The Bright Places - Jennifer Niven

Reading other peoples blogs really inspire me, i love to hear what thoughts people have and their opinions, so reading their blogs is a window into their minds. 

Reading blogs every day and most of the day really got me into reading, and if anyone knows me they will know I've not really been a big fan of reading. I suddenly had the urge to read a book. yes an actual book, the last time i read a book of my own accord and actually finished it was a long time ago  and it was a goosebumps book 'The haunted school' and i can generally say that has been the only book that i thoroughly enjoyed and couldn't put down, until i found this new book.

I love a good story, about love, drama, horror, anything really, especially ones that tug on the heart strings (why do we do this to ourselves). So i did a little shopping around and after many many wonderful reviews i settled on ' All The bright places' by Jennifer Niven. 

Oh how i wish i could start reading over again, and how i wish i could have done something to save one of the characters. It made me want to jump into the book and rescue Finch (one of the main characters), It makes you feel all the emotions with a sense of adventure. You almost put yourself on their position just to think 'what would i do now if i were them' 

It really brings awareness of suicide and mental health which is something that shouldn't be ignored! 
I recently discovered that this film is going to be made into a film, with Jennifer Niven writing the script, i really hope the film does justice for this book and I'm sure it will! I will be counting down the days until i can see this film (even though it will probably be in a few years time) I will be the first at the cinema when it is out! Tissues at the ready! 

If anyone knows of a good heart string tugging book, let me know! 

Monday, 30 November 2015

JETech Bluetooth keyboard

Seeing as we are in the last week of November, every where is having this 'black friday' sale, which is newish thing in the UK. But anyhow, it kind of got me in the 'buying' mood. so i went and purchased a little something to make blogging a little easier for me.

Seeing as i cant always grab out my Hefty laptop and write a post as and when i feel like it and my ipad is never far) i decided why not get a keyboard case for my ipad, So that is exaclty what i did. 

Yes the ipad has a keyboard on the screen but i feel like i cant type that fast, as when i get into writing i tend to be a little heavy handed on the keyboard so instead of bashing the screen, i can bash a few keys, with hopefully less damage. 

So i went onto amazon and youtube looking for keyboard cases and reviews and found the JETech bluetooth keyboard. It looked fancy and all the reviews were great, so as easy as it is, i clicked buy. 

When it arrived it came all neatly packaged in a box and was super easy to get going with my ipad, it works like a dream and for £24.95 i thought it was a right bargain! 

I am currently using it now and it feels just like a laptop, the screen is sturdy enough for me to have it on my lap without falling over and the keys feel good under the fingertips.

The one thing i have found about using blogger on my ipad is uploading pictures into the blog, that is somewhat a challenge, but not impossible, this is the second blog i have written using my new funky key board so it isn't impossible, and we do have photo editing apps that are just as good as photoshop so I'm not stuck there. 

Over all i am so happy with this purchase it generally looks like the ipad and JETech were made for each other, it looks smart and professional, with the ease of carrying around an ipad. 

I feel it will make blogging easier for me as i can write what is on my mind and what i want to share, as my ipad is always around and create blogs on the go! 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Aztec clay mask

Now we all like to treat our skin once in awhile and we all should probably start doing this a lot more than what we do, but whats a better way to really treat our skin than with a good face mask

The Aztec clay facial mask is a clay based mask that makes your face pulsate! Before trying this product i thought no way could it make my face pulsate, but my god yes it does!! Its the most strangest sensation ever!

When mixing the mask it did take a few attempts to get the consistency right, i had a little pot ( it has to be non metal bowl) added the powder with equal parts of water, but it just never seemed right. 
So it says on the instructions you can also use apple cider vinegar ( i know, strange). Mixed this together and the powder started to sizzle and bubble, so i continued mixing for a little longer and the texture was perfect! I applied this all over my face avoiding eyebrows, eyes and mouth and left it to dry for the required time (timings are on the directions)

As is it drying you can feel your face pulsate and its almost as if its pulling your pores tighter, which is fab and what everyone wants! Once dry, wash your face with warm water and your skin can be left looking a little red from all the pulsation going on! But that usually subsides rather quickly. 

I haven't come across a better face mask! I think i will use this for a very long time! Especially as clay is a natural resource! 

Monday, 23 November 2015

An Easy Stocking filler!

As we wake each morning to find a light shimmer of frost covering everything, it can only mean one thing. Winter. Winter is well and truly here now as the nights draw in faster, heating is on and the hat and scarfs come out to play. 

The one thing every body loves (or stresses out over) about winter is that we gain one step closer to Christmas! A time of giving, receiving and spending time with our loved ones. So i thought id share a little stocking filler present that can be quite useful!

Rituals foaming shower gel is one idea that is perfect! Everyone loves a good shower gel for Christmas (sometimes is the easy option all so!) They are small enough to fit inside a stocking filler or maybe a little secret Santa gift idea! 

They are a gel form to start with and when it comes into contact with water it foams up, just like a shaving foam. The texture is so soft on the body and the smell is just pure bliss!  I have to say the eucalyptus and rosemary is my all time Favorite! The smell lasts ages on your self once used in the shower! Which is fab! I love getting a random sniff of the scent. 

I got brought these as a present myself and found them very useful for travelling as they are small and weigh hardly anything. It is perfect if you're a heavy packer! They can fit into such small gaps! They last quite a long time as well, i like to take showers once or twice a day (depending on what i'm doing) and these lasted me easily for two weeks! 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Arbonne Makeup Primer review!

I guess you can say i was like a child at Christmas receiving this in the post! when i came home i was just so excited to see the package awaiting me and i just couldn't wait to see what was inside! 

Browsing through twitter i stumbled upon a 'bloggers wanted' post for a review of a makeup primer! which of course grabbed my attention immediately and i got in touch with someone who could point me in the right direction! 
I started to do a bit of research of the brand 'Arbonne' as i had never heard of it before so here is a little of what i found out. The whole range is vegan certified and free from parabens, mineral oils, gluten and long life preservaties. You can find out more on their website -

So the next day in the morning, face freshly washed and moisturized, ready to start my daily makeup routine, i grabbed the makeup primer sample, i found it doesn't really have a scent which is probably for the best! If you are putting a lot of products on your face you don't want the combined smell of everything as it normally doesn't end well! I've had the experience of putting a product on my face because i thought it would be doing good, but the smell was horrendous so i physically couldn't continue with that product purely because of the smell! Whereas no smell, no problem! 

Spreading the primer was a nice surprise! It simply glided over my face and covered nicely and i didn't even need to use a lot! A little goes a long way with this primer! which makes it cost effective! (winner) 
Afterwards applying my foundation, i found it blended better, weather it was just a coincidence of a good makeup day or not, it blended very nicely! 

After a good hard day at work of blood, sweat and tears makeup doesn't normally like to stay where i put it in the morning (frustrating i know). Come midday i definitely noticed my makeup was staying put! Meaning i didn't need to reapply during the day, as a beauty therapist we have to look 'dolled up', so re applying makeup during the day is not what id say is at the top of the list.  But i didn't need to reapply! (hallelujah!) 

Come to my night routine i had noticed a little slip and slide of makeup, but foundation was still there! ! Not all of it, but it was still there! Nothing stays perfect forever does it! So a little wear and tear is expected! 

Would i purchase this primer? 
I would actually yes! A little goes a long way and knowing its not clogging up my pores and its actually doing it job then why wouldn't i purchase this? I think i have found a good brand here and onto a winner! 

I all so got a little extra than what i was expecting! A pack of samples containing a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, 2 types of day creams and a night cream! I am excited to try these out and feel the amazing effects it will have on my skin! 

+Arbonne International 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The complete 32 Eye shadow palette!

Casually going through you tube videos (as you do) and looking upon makeup tutorials! Makeup tutorials really do interest me because i like how everyone does things their own way and achieve such fantastic looks, and if i learn a trick or two along the way then fantastic! 

What i did notice is that a lot of makeup tutorials were using this one palette and i all so stumbled across review after review on blogs about this one palette. So i thought wow this must a be a good palette and then somehow it ended up being delivered to my house (oops, little online shopping never hurt anybody, right?) 

Now a palette of 32 eye shadows how much do you think it would cost you? If you look at a MAC palette of 15 that's probably £65? A lot of money basically! I for one am not a fan of spending money! Its my hard earned pennies and i don't want to go wasting them on anything! So when i seen the price of this 32 eye shadow palette then i just instantly thought i was getting a bargain! This palette comes of the price of £8! Yes that's right £8, and it can create natural everyday  looks or going out party looks! So its a winner all around really! 
The pigments are fab and super easy to blend which makes our routine easier! (nothing worse than not being able to blend your eye shadow properly). It has a mixture of shimmer and matte eye shadows to pick from and its a very neutral colour palette, so me not being very 'out there' with my eye shadow this was literally perfect! 

I have had this palette since the start of the year, and I've worn eye shadow from this palette every day since, and by looking at the palette now it looks like I've

 hardly touched it! Apart from a few signs of wear and tear out the outside but it looks like i haven't even dented any of the eye shadows! So for £8 this palette is going to last you a hell of a long time! 

Thank you revolution for creating such a fantastic eye shadow palette!

Monday, 9 November 2015

A Must have hair product!

So once upon a time i strolled across batiste dry shampoo  and I haven't looked back since!  It has become my go to product for my hair!

  I mainly use this product to add volume and texture into my hair,  as my hair is what people call 'Virgin hair' aka hair that hasn't been destroyed with hair dye so my hair doesn't really hold well when it has just been washed and  normally just falls out. So i normally need to wait for that second day hair to keep the style i like without it falling out! I like a  lot of volume in my hair so I back comb the heck out of it and without this bastise it will drop out within half an hour or so and if you're going out then this is just the start of a disastrous outcome! 
Batiste is normally used for a dry shampoo, which does come in so handy on those days that you just cannot be bothered to wash your hair, this fits the bill! Just simply spray it into the roots of the hair, give it a little rub into the scalp and you're good to go! Your hair looks like it is clean! On those lazy mornings this is a life saver so we can get them extra ZZZZZZZZZZ's! 
If I were to put anything on my hair it has to smell good! And oh my this is good! I currently have the fruity cherry smell, I absolutely love it! I sometimes just spray it in my hair just for the smell! 
You can purchase this product in your local drug store! I am keen to try out all the different smells of batiste! 

After spraying hair 
Before Spraying hair
 So here you can see the difference from before and after i used batiste spray! On the Left is the picture of after my hair is sprayed and you can see there is a lot more volume in the hair compared to the photo on the right. The hair had just been washed and blasted with the hair dryer, i always try and dry my hair with as much volume as i can to help! Apologies for the lack of makeup in both photos! ( i know halloween has gone) 

+Batiste Shampoo Seco 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A Facial with immediate results!

Having never really been interested in spending money on a facial that might not deliver good results i never really bothered with my skin routine! Until i started my college course and they introduced me into the wonderful world of microdermabrasion! 

I think you only really bother with your skin when you realize what damage your doing by not looking after it! I never knew everything can age us! such as lighting, heating, weather and diet! I am aware everyone wants to stop the aging process whereas we may not be able to stop ourselves from ageing, we may be able to slow it down a tad!

Microdermabrasion helps with just that and much more! Let me explain. 
Microdermabrasion is a gentle exfoliation that provides immediate and visible results! If you are concerned with aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, blackheads,pigmentation, blemish scares, stretch marks.. the list can go on.. but this is the treatment for you!! 

Depending on your skin concern you may need a course of treatments, but with regular treatments your skin increases its collagen and elastin  giving you a firmer and rejuvenated appearance, also with the vacuum action it can help lift and tone the muscles! (incredible i know)

After having my first crystal clear microdermabrasion i was super impressed! The treatment didn't hurt, and my face wasn't red at all! After following aftercare correctly, when applying makeup again oh my, my face was glowing! makeup applied smoothly and my skin just looked so radiant! After taking off all the dead skin on my face, i just have never known my skin to feel so soft! With the reduction of blackheads! (winning!). Now i have a microdermabrasion once a month to give my skin a real clean and my skin couldnt be better! 
I recommend this to all my clients and when they have their first, they always keep it up because its just fab! 

Your welcome! ;) 

*Prices vary depending on your local salon* 
Picture is of crystal clears logo, by crystal clear. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Battle of Maybelline eyeliners!

Eyeliners is something i haven't experimented with  much, until recently i have been looking at everyone's eyeliner and thought to myself wow the eyeliner they use really stays on well and its jet black all day long! So then i ventured out into the big wide world of eyeliners! 
I knew from the start i never wanted to spend a lot on eyeliners purely because in the drug store, they simply have so many in the low price bracket that i was sure i would find 'the one'. 

Gel on the the left, Liquid on the right 

Maybelline eye studio gel liner in black is my 'go to' eyeliner. I have been using this eyeliner for a few years and just thought it was super easy to apply, the pot of gel lasts absolutely ages and for £7.99 its defiantly worth the price, so why change? I still do really love this eyeliner and i still use it but i just find i have to re apply this throughout the day to keep that jet black look that i love, especially when most of the time at work i am running around like a headless 
chicken sweating (Lovely i know) and it kind of just slides off my eyes. 

Here at two photos i took at the end of a hard working day, this gel had been applied at roughly 7.30am and the photo was taken at 10.45pm, i didnt reapply on this day as i wanted to compare the both with just one application. 

So you can see it has stayed on but you can see some wear and tear, the eyeliner was all across the top of the eyelid and across the bottom water line, you can see that the eyeliner has only really remained on the one side of the eye. I still love gel eyeliner and still use across the bottom waterline and i probably will always use the gel across the bottom waterline!


Maybelline master precise eyeliner forest in black is the eyeliner i brought for £5.99, it is a liquid eyeliner  which at first i was put off, because i remember trying out a liquid eyeliner before and my god it was a pain! Last time i tried a liquid eyeliner i had to sit with my eyes closed for a few minutes before it was dry! So buying this was a risk! 
As soon as i got home i was eager to try it out, i had read a few reviews before hand and they all seemed good so i wanted to see if they are right! When i put it on, i knew instantly they were right! I love it! Its so easy to apply with the find tip and you just draw away! All so best of all i don't have to sit with my eyes closed for it to dry! Its just dry! 

 So here are my after photos of wearing the liquid all day, the liquid again has been on from 7.30am and this picture was taken at 9.24pm, so a little earlier than the gel photos, but as you can see it has stayed on very well, it is still jet black with not many signs of wear and tear (the bottom eyeliner is gel). 

So in comparison with gel and liquid eyeliner on which one is better ? Well the choice is yours, but i think i will still be using both! As i love the jet blackness of the liquid on the top of the eyelid and i love the gel on the bottom! Maybelline you have done me proud! I will defiantly be buying both these products again and you have changed my views on liquid eyeliner! 

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ingredients to avoid!

We all have skincare products right? So i thought id share some ingredients that you should look out for which you should really avoid! So lets begin!

Mineral Oil (Petrolatum/ paraffinum Liquidum) 
Used for 
 The slip and slide effect 
● Adheres to the skin surface 
● An emollient 
Reasons to Avoid -
 ● Gives a greasy after feel 
● Sits on the skins surface 
● May be a comedogenic 
● No real skin benefit 
Use instead -
● Vegetable oils 
● Rich in essential fatty acids  

Lanolin (sheep sweat) 
Used for -
  A Wax 
Lip Balms 
Emollient properties 
Reason to avoid -
● causes allergies 
● Comedogenic 
 May contain carcinogens 
Use instead
● Silk Amino acids 
● Squalane oil
● Vegetable oil 

P.A.B.A ( Para - amino benzoic acid) 
Used for
● Sun screening agent 
● Anesthetic properties on the skin 
Reasons to avoid - 
● Causes allergic eczema in sensitive skin 
● Prickly heat 
Use Instead - 
● Natural physical filters
● Titanium Dioxide 

Used for - 
● Bleaching and pigmentation agent 
Reasons to avoid - 
● Toxic
● Banned in Europe 
● Theories of being linked to cancer  
Use Instead - 
● Arbutin - lightening gel 

I hope you find these useful! I know i did, i use to always think why do i keep getting blocked pores, until i looked at what was in my moisturizer that i was using and it was a product that causes blocked pores! 

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Insight of being a Beauty Therapist

So if you think of a beauty therapist, what instantly comes into mind? painting nails all day? sat down doing facials all day? Well let me enlighten you a little more of what we do and how things happen in the day to day life of a beauty therapist!

First thing first, i think any beautician has become immune to anything with a smell! Fake tan, nail polish, acetone you name it we probably smell of it because we can no longer smell it on our self, so we don't actually realize what we smell like (this can never be a good thing) 

More than likely we feel like an idiot giving skincare advice! We all have our problems with our skin like having a little collection of spots or maybe we are just growing a new head on our head? If we as therapists haven't cleared our skin up, how can we help yours!? We advise on things you should be doing but 9 times out of 10 we are not doing them ourselves! 

Being a therapist means we have a time schedule to stick to, we don't have time for you to faff around with the nail colours, you should have thought about this before you came in for your appointment and not waste 10 minutes of my time asking me 'oh will this colour look nice?' Yes! just pick it and lets start the treatment! (we all love the clients that just know what they want! unless they pick french) 

The term 'beauty therapist' should also have more to it, such as a counsellor, relationship adviser, friend and generally just someone to talk to. The amount of clients who just come for a chat because they have no one else to talk to is just unreal! They ask our advice on what to do on everything and they really open up to us! so much so that they start crying on us (yes this has happened quite a lot)

The waxing part of this job id actually say is rather fun, its like a stress relief and somewhat therapeutic! Until you are covered in wax and sticking to absolutely everything! I've even left work with wax stuck in my hair... at the back of my head! how it got there? i have no idea! But wax does get everywhere!!  All so as a therapist you have to pull the strip of wax off rather fast, and we all know that feeling of not fully committing to a wax strip! Its quite happy where it is thank you, half removed, half still attached to the skin, and the client wondering why it hurt a lot more that time. Brilliant. 

At the start of every treatment we explain to you what clothing items you need to remove, where to put them and how to lie on the massage couch, so when we return we can crack straight into the treatment! We presume you heard all of it because your nodding and agreeing and sometimes you say it back to us! So how in those very short minutes do you forget everything!? Clothes and shoes are all over the floor (mainly where i need to stand) so i have to spend time putting them in the correct place instead of giving you your treatment, and you have lay the complete wrong way? If your in for a facial please do not lie face down! i can not give the back of your head a facial! Same goes for the disposable paper g - strings, wide part at the front and the thin part at the back, why would you even thing it was the other way around!? 

All in all we do enjoy out jobs! You test us and stress us out but we enjoy meeting people and making friends with our clients! Our job wouldn't be the same if all these things didn't happen! 

My Twitter!

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

5 Tips on how to save money

Saving money can be the bane of a lifetime,  some find it easy and some struggle. so i thought it would only be right to share and give the tips i recommend. 

My Grandad has always said even when I was little I would return home with more money than what I left with (no I didn't rob anyone) even if I returned home with only a few pennies more. 
So here's how 😊

1. Difference between a want and a need. 
The very first thing you need to understand and understand fully is the difference between a want and a need. I think I have always understood this and from a young age. I valued money and the hard work behind it, so whenever I was handed money from my parents (before I started earning my own) I never really thought of it as mine so i didn't want to spend it.
Whenever I did go shopping and seen something I did like, I always stepped back and thought do I actually need it? And most of the time I just wanted It. I think if you really realize the difference  between wanting something or simply just needing it you could save a lot just by that! I all so think its just a better way of looking at things, a different perspective. 
2. Give yourself a target
Another way I like to save money is to have a target, set yourself a goal of what you'd like to save and stick to it then when you have reached your goal, it gives you a sense of achievement, and I always feel like I want to beat my goal so I keep going and set myself a bigger target.
3. Set up a separate savings account
Set up a separate savings account, one without a card so your not tempted to spend! I always leave myself some money for the month in the account that i have a debt card to in case I need fuel, and to pay my phone bill, or anything in case of emergency, and  everything else goes into a savings account! There's something quite satisfying about watching the bank balance increase each month!  I personally never want to see the balance stop growing! 
4. Save them pennies!
All them pennies that you let the cashier have, STOP! They are your hard earned pennies! Save every single one of them! And before you know it you'll have loads of them and you'll have a lot of extra money as well! Go get them changed into notes and put away into a saving tin or go and put them straight into your savings account! You'll realize how much money you throw away when you start saving them!

5. Take your lunch to work/school
I always watch people buy their lunch everyday at work, and always think the amount of money they spend on lunch over a month is just crazy! If you leave your money at home then you cant buy anything! Just take a packed lunch, because in the long run its cheaper making your own sandwich than buying one (Least you know its been made with clean hands if you make it yourself) 

So there are my five tips on how to save money! I hope this helps or gives you a new perspective on things, especially understanding the difference between a need and a want, that (dare i say it) changed me. 

Let me know your tips on saving!

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Halloween Nails

As its October and Halloween is fast approaching i thought id get a little bit more into the spirit of it all! so i opted for some Halloween nails! I love painting my nails to go with the event! either Valentines day, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas you name it i'm sure I've decorated my nails to match at some point! In this post i shall be telling you how to get this look using normal polish i shall be doing a different blog post on how to do konad gels very soon! 

What i used  - 
-An Orange nail varnish 
- Konad special polish 
- Konad stamp and scraper 
- image plate 
- Top and base coat 

In this image i used gel as i have my own gel machine at home and do not have the patience to wait for it to dry! So heres what i used - 

In this image you have the - 
Konad Stampe  which i brought for i think it was roughly £6 it included the stamp, scraper, two image plates and 3 mini konad special polishes 
Image plate Which is from bundle monster holiday collection 

In the second image i have the gel polish that i used,

Please note this gel polish is not the official Gelish!
Although i think it is just as good as the professional gelish as i have made this gel polish last up to 4 weeks without chipping and its very very very very similar as gelish colours as i work along side gelish at my job, i have compared them and no one can tel the difference! I personally love this brand of gel polish because you can get it for next to nothing! 

I buy my gel colours off ebay for the small price of £2.69! Yes you read that right £2.69! 

and heres the link, your welcome! 
We also have the special konad polish in the black, personally i think if you were to use the image plates you need the konad polish, ive tried using other polishes and it doesn't work at all really, the konad polish is much thicker than normal polish so it can transfer better (i wouldn't use konad polish all over the nail as it may take a lot longer to dry) 

So lets get started now we have everything, first thing first i always shape the nails first to the desired shape! i just find it easier to do this step first! I have always found a lot of people pick things up on their nail shape when they have more time to look at them so if i do this step first and then all the cuticle work, by the time i have finished the cuticle work they will have picked up on something if they are unhappy, were as if i do shaping last and paint straight after they notice it when the paint is on! and my god that's irritating! hehe so i always do this step first!! 

Secondly i like to push back the cuticles, always push back cuticles when they are wet! this doesn't mean you have to soak them in water for ages, i just like the get some cleansing spray on a cotton pad and wipe the nail, hey presto the cuticle is wet! 

After that we can go ahead and paint the base coat! Top and base coats are so so important! i get many questions asking why are my nails discolored and why are they chipping so fast, Base coats help prevent nail discoloration and top coat adds shine and seals the colour in.

Now we are ready to apply our first coat of colour! Now please don't worry if the first coat doesn't completely cover the nail plate we want a nice thin layer (if too thick it will take so long to dry!) Once you have painted your first coat of colour on all nails, go ahead and paint another coat! :) if you get any on the skin you can go around the edges with a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover. 

What you want to do now is wait for these to dry! Go grab a cuppa tea, watch some tv, read a book or wave your arms around the air helping them dry faster whatever you want to do, go do it! let them dry! 
Now for the next stage we want to be quite fast when picking up the image from the plate to applying it on the nail! Otherwise it will dry and you wont be able to either pick up the image on the stamp or stamp the image on the nail (this can take a little practice) We want  to get the image plate, find the image you want to apply to your nail (i personally would get some newspaper or something underneath as it can get messy!) and with your special polish just paint the polish over the image on the plate, give it a nice thick layer, now find your scraper and scrape over the image taking away the polish (then you will see the polish is a thin layer in bedded into the image) with your stamp simply press the spongy part over the image give it a little welly and then release and hopefully you should have your image on the stamp! (you might not get it all the time and probably wont get it the very first time, it does take some practice but once you have got the hang of it, you've got it) quickly check over the image making sure you have picked up all the image. 

Now find the nail you want to place the image on, line it up along side the nail and slowly ROLL the stamper over the nail from left to right or right to left whatever way suits you, do not just place it on the nail as the image wont apply correctly and HEY PRESTO! you should now hopefully have the image on your nail!

Once you have rolled your image and got the image where you want it to be and you are happy, using konad special polish top coat apply a thin layer of top coat! You can use other top coats but i just find they pull the design and smudge it so i like to stick to konads top coat leave to dry and you have just done your own nail art stamping! i hope you feel proud of yourself! If you want to know how to combine nail stamping with gel nails i shall be doing a post soon!

If you have any more questions about this process feel free to ask! My emails and twitter links are in the 'about me' page! I hope you have found this usefull and apologies if i rambled!
Much loves :) 

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Complexion Sponge

I know i am a little late jumping on the band wagon but i finally jumped on and so glad i did! I've heard so many people rave about how good these sponges are to blend in foundation, i always thought a sponge surely cant be to much different to a brush, How wrong was i!? 

I don't know if it was just coincidence but when i first used the sponge or beauty blender (as some like to call it) i had a lot of people commenting on how good my skin looked, they said it didn't even look like i was wearing foundation and that my skin looked amazing! We all love a good compliment i know but weather it was down to the sponge, who knows? But for now i shall say yes, yes it was down to the sponge. 

When i first started using this complexion sponge i just thought it was going to soak up my foundation into the sponge but surprisingly it hasn't! When applying the sponge on your face, oh my its soft! There is nothing worse than applying a brush or something on your face and its rough and makes it generally feel like i'm taking a layer off my skin if i apply it with a cheap makeup brush, but using this sponge its like applying silk to your face (not quite literally silk

Overall i am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this sponge to everyone! I actually look forward to applying my foundation in the morning (sad i know) and not having to worry about those lines that brushes leave! the dreaded lines! 

I purchased my complexion sponge from superdrug at £5.99 

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Soothing Gel Cleanser

Okay so i'm a skincare fanatic, if something sounds good i have to have it and to me this sounded perfect! Quite recently i have been crystal clear skin care trained and i had to get my hands on some sort of product!! 
I brought this product for £25 which gave me a bottle of 400ml! i do beleive this size product shall last me quite awhile! (heres hoping) 

If your rather lazy when it comes to taking off your makeup at night and just want to get all snug into a nice warm bed, the thought of brushing your teeth, taking your makeup off, taking your hair down etc can just be too much! 

I for one just want to hop into bed and don't want to think about anything.

This product id say is for those who want to just get the bed time routine over with.

Soothing gel cleanser is a foaming cleanser, if you have a lot of makeup on id suggest cleansing twice using 2 pumps at a time and adding water to foam it up.

It has replumping properties with cucumber extract which you can use as a general cleanser, eyemakeup remover and best of all you can use it as a shaving gel!! (Handy or what!?) There is also no need to tone afterwards!
Although i do recommend you use the revitalizing tonic afterwards (next to be purchased) to give best results! 
This cleasner is good for all skin types including sensitive and is soap free, what more could a girl want!? 

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