Monday, 7 December 2015

Works Christmas Doo!

So its that time of the year again where everyone from work meets up and gets drunk!
 Its perfect for bonding, and making those memories that you cant live down. 

This year (my first year at this particular salon) we chose to go to the NEC in Birmingham, which was quite a posh event! When we arrived, women were in their ball gowns and all the men were suited and booted. But to be honest the event was that jam packed you could barely move to see any ones dress or suit anyhow! 

It was a fab event with alcohol, rides, performances and a 3 course meal! What could be better!? 
It took a little while before everyone started dancing (for the alcohol to kick in) and we were all having a great time. Its nice to see your boss and colleagues letting their hair down! And true to form the next day everyone is whacking out the photos of everyone drunk (i wont share these on here as i couldn't live it down) 

Massive well done to who ever was working at the NEC that night, the amount of people that were there and all having a 3 course meal, it all ran smooth with no problems and everyone was happy! 
Overall it was a fab night and one to remember!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

All The Bright Places - Jennifer Niven

Reading other peoples blogs really inspire me, i love to hear what thoughts people have and their opinions, so reading their blogs is a window into their minds. 

Reading blogs every day and most of the day really got me into reading, and if anyone knows me they will know I've not really been a big fan of reading. I suddenly had the urge to read a book. yes an actual book, the last time i read a book of my own accord and actually finished it was a long time ago  and it was a goosebumps book 'The haunted school' and i can generally say that has been the only book that i thoroughly enjoyed and couldn't put down, until i found this new book.

I love a good story, about love, drama, horror, anything really, especially ones that tug on the heart strings (why do we do this to ourselves). So i did a little shopping around and after many many wonderful reviews i settled on ' All The bright places' by Jennifer Niven. 

Oh how i wish i could start reading over again, and how i wish i could have done something to save one of the characters. It made me want to jump into the book and rescue Finch (one of the main characters), It makes you feel all the emotions with a sense of adventure. You almost put yourself on their position just to think 'what would i do now if i were them' 

It really brings awareness of suicide and mental health which is something that shouldn't be ignored! 
I recently discovered that this film is going to be made into a film, with Jennifer Niven writing the script, i really hope the film does justice for this book and I'm sure it will! I will be counting down the days until i can see this film (even though it will probably be in a few years time) I will be the first at the cinema when it is out! Tissues at the ready! 

If anyone knows of a good heart string tugging book, let me know!