Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Before it all begun..

You know that thought deep in the back of your mind of how you want you're life to be but always think its never actually going to happen? Well for me, its happening!

In recent events ive agreed to go self employed! Eeek! There is much to do!
First things first, every self employed person needs a business card! So i headed over to vista print and designed my card! I toyed around with a few designs and had others helping and doing the same (never know what someone will come up with). I knew i wanted it neutral so male and females can have it, if i had a really girly pink design, males wont really approve. So i went for neutral that suits all and i am so happy with the outcome!  Thank you vista print!

The next thing i needed was surprisingly difficult to find! An appointment diary! Why are these so hard to find!?  Such a simple thing! haha, well never the less (after much searching) i found one, and also had one brought for me as a surprise! So i had two! Fab! (more the merrier!)

Once my business cards were delivered i felt like a proper 'business woman'.
yet the hard work hasn't even begun yet! 


Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Journey starts today!

Today is such a sad day, we say goodbye to the one and only Alan Rickman! Known very well as 'Professor Snape' He was fantastic at what he did and will be missed by many! Bowie and Rickman in the same week! What is the world coming to!? 

In my last blog post I had a big decision on my hands! One that could change my life for better! (If it was successful!) So I got into contact with the salon owner and asked for a second meet up, as I had a few more questions and I wanted to see the room again. 

So last night I went to the salon with a load of questions and felt like I was interviewing her! Again she was very polite and didn’t make me feel rushed and was happy to answer every question I had! I had another look around the rooms and speaking to her again made me feel like it could be the greatest journey!

So I still have a decision on my hands as its not one I want to jump straight into without looking at all the options! I want to make sure it is the right path for me to take! Bare in mind there are a lot of competing salons who have much more experience than I do myself! So the thought of failure is always in the back of my mind! 

I currently live at home, and the only out goings is my phone bill, everything else is paid off.. I don’t have a better opportunity! The thought of being self employed was always in the back of my mind but never in a million years did I think it would actually happen! I am going to document every little step of the way! Weather it’s a success or a complete failure! 
So as of today all I need to do is get my own beauty insurance and arrange a starting date and then I am officially self employed!
This is going to be the most exciting, tiring, scariest thing I will ever do possibly! But the outcome could be something I only ever dreamt of achieving! It’s all down to me to make this work! I consider myself so lucky that I have family and clientele support! (And the fact my sister knows how to make websites and she is into marketing) 

I just hope it works, but like I have always said.. Everything happens for a reason! 

A Massive Life Choice!

Well as we all hope a new year will be a good year, my year has unfortunately started off not so well and it has kind of left me re evaluating everything! 
So on the 7th of Jan I was let go from my job due to the company making cutbacks, and this situation could have been so much more stressful if I hadn’t moved back home the week before! Never the less it was a big shock to me and all my colleagues and in the days afterwards I was just stuck on what to do and at the time it felt like id well and truly failed. 

Having the time to think of what I really wanted to do, as I was totally unsure if I wanted to go back into beauty therapy. I was angry at the fact a salon who asked me to work for them, a salon that I recruited for and being a key holder had let me go it was something that I was completely in two minds about.
Later in the evening I got talking to some of my clients through social media and they said they will stick by me whatever my choice which under the circumstances made me feels a bit emotional, knowing someone you have met on professional grounds is willing to stick by you no matter what!
But... It got me thinking .. Why should I throw away all those years of training, and working as a therapist just to give it up? I'm not trained in anything else so I would have to completely start again! Why don’t I become self employed? No one to listen to, I choose my hours, and it’s down to me to make it a success, no one else, just me!

So doing my research I found a place with a room to rent and just out of interest I called to see if I could go and speak to someone about renting out the salon room (as its far too uncomfortable clients knowing where I live or me going into a strangers house). So I went down and had an informal chat about the room, I left feeling good about myself, the woman who said just think of me as your landlord seemed so laid back and she was lovely. 
So a few days have passed and ive been doing some calculations, if I can support myself and what id need as a minimum. It is a massive life choice and one that is going to take blood, sweat and tears. But the thought of failing is still holding me back. 

There are so many unanswered questions and so many reasons why it could fail! But I keep telling myself there is no better opportunity than now! I have my full family and client support with no house to pay for, just do it, just do it, just do it. 

Currently I have made a website and have some business cards ready to be ordered, I have a list of pros and cons and a future plan with an ultimate goal. 

I am currently waiting for a response as I have asked for another meet up as I have a few more questions to ask, her answer to those questions will decide my fate.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Seeing in a new light

So its been awhile since i last blogged due to the festive christmas period and more hours at work with the added stress of moving house! But i intend to resume my blog posts on mondays and wednesdays! 
Now we have entered 2016 and we are all hoping it brings us wealth and happiness and we are all starting the 'new year new me' phase i thought i wont go down that same route everyone seems to go down for a few weeks and return to the exact same person as they were. 

Instead i thought id just simply do what my blog was intended for and say what is on my mind.  (Probably be a tad of a ramble) 

So since returning back to work after christmas, i have noticed a lot, i kind of woke up one morning and just started seeing things in a different light, towards people, objects, every thing basically. I don't really know how to describe this feeling (lets hope it doesn't last, unless it does me good).
One thing i noticed was that people are so ungrateful!Something id never really seen in others before, but as conversations went on i noticed things they were saying and i just thought wow that is so ungrateful. Christmas is a time of giving, receiving, love and family. I find the giving part the best and even if its something small its the thought that counts right?  Wrong it seems. Overhearing conversations saying how they didn't even open their christmas presents and threw them straight into the bin, because they could tell what it was just by giving it a little shake and said they didn't want that. I just thought  to myself someone has gone and spent their precious time and money on something for you just for it to go straight into the bin. You could have donated it to a homeless shelter or a food bank,  i don't know but somewhere other than the bin. It could have been someones only christmas present that year. 

Another thing i have seem to only just notice is how people just use other people. Someone who is willing to help others but when they need the help no one batters an eye lid. Id say if that was me being 'used' id just start fresh with everything, why do you need people who just uses someone. 

Maybe seeing things in a different light is a good thing and can help towards situations, who knows but its certainly opened my eyes. 

Monday, 7 December 2015

Works Christmas Doo!

So its that time of the year again where everyone from work meets up and gets drunk!
 Its perfect for bonding, and making those memories that you cant live down. 

This year (my first year at this particular salon) we chose to go to the NEC in Birmingham, which was quite a posh event! When we arrived, women were in their ball gowns and all the men were suited and booted. But to be honest the event was that jam packed you could barely move to see any ones dress or suit anyhow! 

It was a fab event with alcohol, rides, performances and a 3 course meal! What could be better!? 
It took a little while before everyone started dancing (for the alcohol to kick in) and we were all having a great time. Its nice to see your boss and colleagues letting their hair down! And true to form the next day everyone is whacking out the photos of everyone drunk (i wont share these on here as i couldn't live it down) 

Massive well done to who ever was working at the NEC that night, the amount of people that were there and all having a 3 course meal, it all ran smooth with no problems and everyone was happy! 
Overall it was a fab night and one to remember!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

All The Bright Places - Jennifer Niven

Reading other peoples blogs really inspire me, i love to hear what thoughts people have and their opinions, so reading their blogs is a window into their minds. 

Reading blogs every day and most of the day really got me into reading, and if anyone knows me they will know I've not really been a big fan of reading. I suddenly had the urge to read a book. yes an actual book, the last time i read a book of my own accord and actually finished it was a long time ago  and it was a goosebumps book 'The haunted school' and i can generally say that has been the only book that i thoroughly enjoyed and couldn't put down, until i found this new book.

I love a good story, about love, drama, horror, anything really, especially ones that tug on the heart strings (why do we do this to ourselves). So i did a little shopping around and after many many wonderful reviews i settled on ' All The bright places' by Jennifer Niven. 

Oh how i wish i could start reading over again, and how i wish i could have done something to save one of the characters. It made me want to jump into the book and rescue Finch (one of the main characters), It makes you feel all the emotions with a sense of adventure. You almost put yourself on their position just to think 'what would i do now if i were them' 

It really brings awareness of suicide and mental health which is something that shouldn't be ignored! 
I recently discovered that this film is going to be made into a film, with Jennifer Niven writing the script, i really hope the film does justice for this book and I'm sure it will! I will be counting down the days until i can see this film (even though it will probably be in a few years time) I will be the first at the cinema when it is out! Tissues at the ready! 

If anyone knows of a good heart string tugging book, let me know! 

Monday, 30 November 2015

JETech Bluetooth keyboard

Seeing as we are in the last week of November, every where is having this 'black friday' sale, which is newish thing in the UK. But anyhow, it kind of got me in the 'buying' mood. so i went and purchased a little something to make blogging a little easier for me.

Seeing as i cant always grab out my Hefty laptop and write a post as and when i feel like it and my ipad is never far) i decided why not get a keyboard case for my ipad, So that is exaclty what i did. 

Yes the ipad has a keyboard on the screen but i feel like i cant type that fast, as when i get into writing i tend to be a little heavy handed on the keyboard so instead of bashing the screen, i can bash a few keys, with hopefully less damage. 

So i went onto amazon and youtube looking for keyboard cases and reviews and found the JETech bluetooth keyboard. It looked fancy and all the reviews were great, so as easy as it is, i clicked buy. 

When it arrived it came all neatly packaged in a box and was super easy to get going with my ipad, it works like a dream and for £24.95 i thought it was a right bargain! 

I am currently using it now and it feels just like a laptop, the screen is sturdy enough for me to have it on my lap without falling over and the keys feel good under the fingertips.

The one thing i have found about using blogger on my ipad is uploading pictures into the blog, that is somewhat a challenge, but not impossible, this is the second blog i have written using my new funky key board so it isn't impossible, and we do have photo editing apps that are just as good as photoshop so I'm not stuck there. 

Over all i am so happy with this purchase it generally looks like the ipad and JETech were made for each other, it looks smart and professional, with the ease of carrying around an ipad. 

I feel it will make blogging easier for me as i can write what is on my mind and what i want to share, as my ipad is always around and create blogs on the go!