Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Massive Life Choice!

Well as we all hope a new year will be a good year, my year has unfortunately started off not so well and it has kind of left me re evaluating everything! 
So on the 7th of Jan I was let go from my job due to the company making cutbacks, and this situation could have been so much more stressful if I hadn’t moved back home the week before! Never the less it was a big shock to me and all my colleagues and in the days afterwards I was just stuck on what to do and at the time it felt like id well and truly failed. 

Having the time to think of what I really wanted to do, as I was totally unsure if I wanted to go back into beauty therapy. I was angry at the fact a salon who asked me to work for them, a salon that I recruited for and being a key holder had let me go it was something that I was completely in two minds about.
Later in the evening I got talking to some of my clients through social media and they said they will stick by me whatever my choice which under the circumstances made me feels a bit emotional, knowing someone you have met on professional grounds is willing to stick by you no matter what!
But... It got me thinking .. Why should I throw away all those years of training, and working as a therapist just to give it up? I'm not trained in anything else so I would have to completely start again! Why don’t I become self employed? No one to listen to, I choose my hours, and it’s down to me to make it a success, no one else, just me!

So doing my research I found a place with a room to rent and just out of interest I called to see if I could go and speak to someone about renting out the salon room (as its far too uncomfortable clients knowing where I live or me going into a strangers house). So I went down and had an informal chat about the room, I left feeling good about myself, the woman who said just think of me as your landlord seemed so laid back and she was lovely. 
So a few days have passed and ive been doing some calculations, if I can support myself and what id need as a minimum. It is a massive life choice and one that is going to take blood, sweat and tears. But the thought of failing is still holding me back. 

There are so many unanswered questions and so many reasons why it could fail! But I keep telling myself there is no better opportunity than now! I have my full family and client support with no house to pay for, just do it, just do it, just do it. 

Currently I have made a website and have some business cards ready to be ordered, I have a list of pros and cons and a future plan with an ultimate goal. 

I am currently waiting for a response as I have asked for another meet up as I have a few more questions to ask, her answer to those questions will decide my fate.

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