Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Before it all begun..

You know that thought deep in the back of your mind of how you want you're life to be but always think its never actually going to happen? Well for me, its happening!

In recent events ive agreed to go self employed! Eeek! There is much to do!
First things first, every self employed person needs a business card! So i headed over to vista print and designed my card! I toyed around with a few designs and had others helping and doing the same (never know what someone will come up with). I knew i wanted it neutral so male and females can have it, if i had a really girly pink design, males wont really approve. So i went for neutral that suits all and i am so happy with the outcome!  Thank you vista print!

The next thing i needed was surprisingly difficult to find! An appointment diary! Why are these so hard to find!?  Such a simple thing! haha, well never the less (after much searching) i found one, and also had one brought for me as a surprise! So i had two! Fab! (more the merrier!)

Once my business cards were delivered i felt like a proper 'business woman'.
yet the hard work hasn't even begun yet! 


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