Monday, 30 November 2015

JETech Bluetooth keyboard

Seeing as we are in the last week of November, every where is having this 'black friday' sale, which is newish thing in the UK. But anyhow, it kind of got me in the 'buying' mood. so i went and purchased a little something to make blogging a little easier for me.

Seeing as i cant always grab out my Hefty laptop and write a post as and when i feel like it and my ipad is never far) i decided why not get a keyboard case for my ipad, So that is exaclty what i did. 

Yes the ipad has a keyboard on the screen but i feel like i cant type that fast, as when i get into writing i tend to be a little heavy handed on the keyboard so instead of bashing the screen, i can bash a few keys, with hopefully less damage. 

So i went onto amazon and youtube looking for keyboard cases and reviews and found the JETech bluetooth keyboard. It looked fancy and all the reviews were great, so as easy as it is, i clicked buy. 

When it arrived it came all neatly packaged in a box and was super easy to get going with my ipad, it works like a dream and for £24.95 i thought it was a right bargain! 

I am currently using it now and it feels just like a laptop, the screen is sturdy enough for me to have it on my lap without falling over and the keys feel good under the fingertips.

The one thing i have found about using blogger on my ipad is uploading pictures into the blog, that is somewhat a challenge, but not impossible, this is the second blog i have written using my new funky key board so it isn't impossible, and we do have photo editing apps that are just as good as photoshop so I'm not stuck there. 

Over all i am so happy with this purchase it generally looks like the ipad and JETech were made for each other, it looks smart and professional, with the ease of carrying around an ipad. 

I feel it will make blogging easier for me as i can write what is on my mind and what i want to share, as my ipad is always around and create blogs on the go! 

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