Monday, 16 November 2015

Arbonne Makeup Primer review!

I guess you can say i was like a child at Christmas receiving this in the post! when i came home i was just so excited to see the package awaiting me and i just couldn't wait to see what was inside! 

Browsing through twitter i stumbled upon a 'bloggers wanted' post for a review of a makeup primer! which of course grabbed my attention immediately and i got in touch with someone who could point me in the right direction! 
I started to do a bit of research of the brand 'Arbonne' as i had never heard of it before so here is a little of what i found out. The whole range is vegan certified and free from parabens, mineral oils, gluten and long life preservaties. You can find out more on their website -

So the next day in the morning, face freshly washed and moisturized, ready to start my daily makeup routine, i grabbed the makeup primer sample, i found it doesn't really have a scent which is probably for the best! If you are putting a lot of products on your face you don't want the combined smell of everything as it normally doesn't end well! I've had the experience of putting a product on my face because i thought it would be doing good, but the smell was horrendous so i physically couldn't continue with that product purely because of the smell! Whereas no smell, no problem! 

Spreading the primer was a nice surprise! It simply glided over my face and covered nicely and i didn't even need to use a lot! A little goes a long way with this primer! which makes it cost effective! (winner) 
Afterwards applying my foundation, i found it blended better, weather it was just a coincidence of a good makeup day or not, it blended very nicely! 

After a good hard day at work of blood, sweat and tears makeup doesn't normally like to stay where i put it in the morning (frustrating i know). Come midday i definitely noticed my makeup was staying put! Meaning i didn't need to reapply during the day, as a beauty therapist we have to look 'dolled up', so re applying makeup during the day is not what id say is at the top of the list.  But i didn't need to reapply! (hallelujah!) 

Come to my night routine i had noticed a little slip and slide of makeup, but foundation was still there! ! Not all of it, but it was still there! Nothing stays perfect forever does it! So a little wear and tear is expected! 

Would i purchase this primer? 
I would actually yes! A little goes a long way and knowing its not clogging up my pores and its actually doing it job then why wouldn't i purchase this? I think i have found a good brand here and onto a winner! 

I all so got a little extra than what i was expecting! A pack of samples containing a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, 2 types of day creams and a night cream! I am excited to try these out and feel the amazing effects it will have on my skin! 

+Arbonne International 

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