Thursday, 26 November 2015

Aztec clay mask

Now we all like to treat our skin once in awhile and we all should probably start doing this a lot more than what we do, but whats a better way to really treat our skin than with a good face mask

The Aztec clay facial mask is a clay based mask that makes your face pulsate! Before trying this product i thought no way could it make my face pulsate, but my god yes it does!! Its the most strangest sensation ever!

When mixing the mask it did take a few attempts to get the consistency right, i had a little pot ( it has to be non metal bowl) added the powder with equal parts of water, but it just never seemed right. 
So it says on the instructions you can also use apple cider vinegar ( i know, strange). Mixed this together and the powder started to sizzle and bubble, so i continued mixing for a little longer and the texture was perfect! I applied this all over my face avoiding eyebrows, eyes and mouth and left it to dry for the required time (timings are on the directions)

As is it drying you can feel your face pulsate and its almost as if its pulling your pores tighter, which is fab and what everyone wants! Once dry, wash your face with warm water and your skin can be left looking a little red from all the pulsation going on! But that usually subsides rather quickly. 

I haven't come across a better face mask! I think i will use this for a very long time! Especially as clay is a natural resource! 

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