Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The complete 32 Eye shadow palette!

Casually going through you tube videos (as you do) and looking upon makeup tutorials! Makeup tutorials really do interest me because i like how everyone does things their own way and achieve such fantastic looks, and if i learn a trick or two along the way then fantastic! 

What i did notice is that a lot of makeup tutorials were using this one palette and i all so stumbled across review after review on blogs about this one palette. So i thought wow this must a be a good palette and then somehow it ended up being delivered to my house (oops, little online shopping never hurt anybody, right?) 

Now a palette of 32 eye shadows how much do you think it would cost you? If you look at a MAC palette of 15 that's probably £65? A lot of money basically! I for one am not a fan of spending money! Its my hard earned pennies and i don't want to go wasting them on anything! So when i seen the price of this 32 eye shadow palette then i just instantly thought i was getting a bargain! This palette comes of the price of £8! Yes that's right £8, and it can create natural everyday  looks or going out party looks! So its a winner all around really! 
The pigments are fab and super easy to blend which makes our routine easier! (nothing worse than not being able to blend your eye shadow properly). It has a mixture of shimmer and matte eye shadows to pick from and its a very neutral colour palette, so me not being very 'out there' with my eye shadow this was literally perfect! 

I have had this palette since the start of the year, and I've worn eye shadow from this palette every day since, and by looking at the palette now it looks like I've

 hardly touched it! Apart from a few signs of wear and tear out the outside but it looks like i haven't even dented any of the eye shadows! So for £8 this palette is going to last you a hell of a long time! 

Thank you revolution for creating such a fantastic eye shadow palette!

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