Monday, 2 November 2015

Battle of Maybelline eyeliners!

Eyeliners is something i haven't experimented with  much, until recently i have been looking at everyone's eyeliner and thought to myself wow the eyeliner they use really stays on well and its jet black all day long! So then i ventured out into the big wide world of eyeliners! 
I knew from the start i never wanted to spend a lot on eyeliners purely because in the drug store, they simply have so many in the low price bracket that i was sure i would find 'the one'. 

Gel on the the left, Liquid on the right 

Maybelline eye studio gel liner in black is my 'go to' eyeliner. I have been using this eyeliner for a few years and just thought it was super easy to apply, the pot of gel lasts absolutely ages and for £7.99 its defiantly worth the price, so why change? I still do really love this eyeliner and i still use it but i just find i have to re apply this throughout the day to keep that jet black look that i love, especially when most of the time at work i am running around like a headless 
chicken sweating (Lovely i know) and it kind of just slides off my eyes. 

Here at two photos i took at the end of a hard working day, this gel had been applied at roughly 7.30am and the photo was taken at 10.45pm, i didnt reapply on this day as i wanted to compare the both with just one application. 

So you can see it has stayed on but you can see some wear and tear, the eyeliner was all across the top of the eyelid and across the bottom water line, you can see that the eyeliner has only really remained on the one side of the eye. I still love gel eyeliner and still use across the bottom waterline and i probably will always use the gel across the bottom waterline!


Maybelline master precise eyeliner forest in black is the eyeliner i brought for £5.99, it is a liquid eyeliner  which at first i was put off, because i remember trying out a liquid eyeliner before and my god it was a pain! Last time i tried a liquid eyeliner i had to sit with my eyes closed for a few minutes before it was dry! So buying this was a risk! 
As soon as i got home i was eager to try it out, i had read a few reviews before hand and they all seemed good so i wanted to see if they are right! When i put it on, i knew instantly they were right! I love it! Its so easy to apply with the find tip and you just draw away! All so best of all i don't have to sit with my eyes closed for it to dry! Its just dry! 

 So here are my after photos of wearing the liquid all day, the liquid again has been on from 7.30am and this picture was taken at 9.24pm, so a little earlier than the gel photos, but as you can see it has stayed on very well, it is still jet black with not many signs of wear and tear (the bottom eyeliner is gel). 

So in comparison with gel and liquid eyeliner on which one is better ? Well the choice is yours, but i think i will still be using both! As i love the jet blackness of the liquid on the top of the eyelid and i love the gel on the bottom! Maybelline you have done me proud! I will defiantly be buying both these products again and you have changed my views on liquid eyeliner! 

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