Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ingredients to avoid!

We all have skincare products right? So i thought id share some ingredients that you should look out for which you should really avoid! So lets begin!

Mineral Oil (Petrolatum/ paraffinum Liquidum) 
Used for 
 The slip and slide effect 
● Adheres to the skin surface 
● An emollient 
Reasons to Avoid -
 ● Gives a greasy after feel 
● Sits on the skins surface 
● May be a comedogenic 
● No real skin benefit 
Use instead -
● Vegetable oils 
● Rich in essential fatty acids  

Lanolin (sheep sweat) 
Used for -
  A Wax 
Lip Balms 
Emollient properties 
Reason to avoid -
● causes allergies 
● Comedogenic 
 May contain carcinogens 
Use instead
● Silk Amino acids 
● Squalane oil
● Vegetable oil 

P.A.B.A ( Para - amino benzoic acid) 
Used for
● Sun screening agent 
● Anesthetic properties on the skin 
Reasons to avoid - 
● Causes allergic eczema in sensitive skin 
● Prickly heat 
Use Instead - 
● Natural physical filters
● Titanium Dioxide 

Used for - 
● Bleaching and pigmentation agent 
Reasons to avoid - 
● Toxic
● Banned in Europe 
● Theories of being linked to cancer  
Use Instead - 
● Arbutin - lightening gel 

I hope you find these useful! I know i did, i use to always think why do i keep getting blocked pores, until i looked at what was in my moisturizer that i was using and it was a product that causes blocked pores! 

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  1. This was an interesting read! I tend to avoid products like Vaseline - it always dries out my lips! xx