Wednesday, 21 October 2015

5 Tips on how to save money

Saving money can be the bane of a lifetime,  some find it easy and some struggle. so i thought it would only be right to share and give the tips i recommend. 

My Grandad has always said even when I was little I would return home with more money than what I left with (no I didn't rob anyone) even if I returned home with only a few pennies more. 
So here's how 😊

1. Difference between a want and a need. 
The very first thing you need to understand and understand fully is the difference between a want and a need. I think I have always understood this and from a young age. I valued money and the hard work behind it, so whenever I was handed money from my parents (before I started earning my own) I never really thought of it as mine so i didn't want to spend it.
Whenever I did go shopping and seen something I did like, I always stepped back and thought do I actually need it? And most of the time I just wanted It. I think if you really realize the difference  between wanting something or simply just needing it you could save a lot just by that! I all so think its just a better way of looking at things, a different perspective. 
2. Give yourself a target
Another way I like to save money is to have a target, set yourself a goal of what you'd like to save and stick to it then when you have reached your goal, it gives you a sense of achievement, and I always feel like I want to beat my goal so I keep going and set myself a bigger target.
3. Set up a separate savings account
Set up a separate savings account, one without a card so your not tempted to spend! I always leave myself some money for the month in the account that i have a debt card to in case I need fuel, and to pay my phone bill, or anything in case of emergency, and  everything else goes into a savings account! There's something quite satisfying about watching the bank balance increase each month!  I personally never want to see the balance stop growing! 
4. Save them pennies!
All them pennies that you let the cashier have, STOP! They are your hard earned pennies! Save every single one of them! And before you know it you'll have loads of them and you'll have a lot of extra money as well! Go get them changed into notes and put away into a saving tin or go and put them straight into your savings account! You'll realize how much money you throw away when you start saving them!

5. Take your lunch to work/school
I always watch people buy their lunch everyday at work, and always think the amount of money they spend on lunch over a month is just crazy! If you leave your money at home then you cant buy anything! Just take a packed lunch, because in the long run its cheaper making your own sandwich than buying one (Least you know its been made with clean hands if you make it yourself) 

So there are my five tips on how to save money! I hope this helps or gives you a new perspective on things, especially understanding the difference between a need and a want, that (dare i say it) changed me. 

Let me know your tips on saving!

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  1. I'm not going to lie, I'm horrendous at saving and brilliant at spending. I should take my finances more seriously though. Great tips!

    Emily xo

  2. These are really good tips! I try to cut down on spending by not buying food while I'm out - even if it's just a snack or something, it adds up really quickly, so I always make sure I have something in my bag :) xx


    1. Yeah i think that one is the one that really gets people! So much easier to grab something out your bag! means you have more time on your lunch! xx