Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Garnier Summer Body!

Hello everybody! It has only just dawned on me that its October! Time of the year for cosyness, hot chocolate and warm clothes! Summer has gone and so has our tanned summer skin! (If your not in the UK of course! because we don't really have a summer!). 

So here is my solution to keep the paleness at bay! 

This is a gradual build up tan, you don't need a mitt to apply this because you can apply it just as a moisturizer all over your body! So i guess your in control of what colour you want to go, if you want to go really dark then keep applying this beauty! I personally only want a little tan just to take away the paleness edge! I find it does give a very natural glow to the body and with it being a moisturizer it goes on easy and turns out even! (Nothing worse than a patchy tan). 
It smells amazing, if i was to put something all over my body then it has to smell nice and this fits the bill perfectly! Also this seems to be on offer most of the time also! I brought 250ml for £2.99 and it has lasted me a long time as i only put it on the areas of my body im showing such at my arms, face and neck. 
When first applying this you cant see where you have applied it because it absorbs into the skin and then within a few hours you will notice a colour change, so when you are happy with the colour you have gone, you might have to apply it once, twice or three times! i find twice is satisfactory but not straight after each other, i normally apply this in the morning then night and im happy with the colour, once i have done that i find it lasts for quite awhile on my skin before i feel i need to re apply! So this is perfect! and for the price you just cant go wrong! Im always getting compliments of my skin tone when i have this on! 

check out the product in superdrugs or visit the site -Superdrug Garner summer body

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