Monday, 12 October 2015

Soothing Gel Cleanser

Okay so i'm a skincare fanatic, if something sounds good i have to have it and to me this sounded perfect! Quite recently i have been crystal clear skin care trained and i had to get my hands on some sort of product!! 
I brought this product for £25 which gave me a bottle of 400ml! i do beleive this size product shall last me quite awhile! (heres hoping) 

If your rather lazy when it comes to taking off your makeup at night and just want to get all snug into a nice warm bed, the thought of brushing your teeth, taking your makeup off, taking your hair down etc can just be too much! 

I for one just want to hop into bed and don't want to think about anything.

This product id say is for those who want to just get the bed time routine over with.

Soothing gel cleanser is a foaming cleanser, if you have a lot of makeup on id suggest cleansing twice using 2 pumps at a time and adding water to foam it up.

It has replumping properties with cucumber extract which you can use as a general cleanser, eyemakeup remover and best of all you can use it as a shaving gel!! (Handy or what!?) There is also no need to tone afterwards!
Although i do recommend you use the revitalizing tonic afterwards (next to be purchased) to give best results! 
This cleasner is good for all skin types including sensitive and is soap free, what more could a girl want!? 

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