Monday, 26 October 2015

Insight of being a Beauty Therapist

So if you think of a beauty therapist, what instantly comes into mind? painting nails all day? sat down doing facials all day? Well let me enlighten you a little more of what we do and how things happen in the day to day life of a beauty therapist!

First thing first, i think any beautician has become immune to anything with a smell! Fake tan, nail polish, acetone you name it we probably smell of it because we can no longer smell it on our self, so we don't actually realize what we smell like (this can never be a good thing) 

More than likely we feel like an idiot giving skincare advice! We all have our problems with our skin like having a little collection of spots or maybe we are just growing a new head on our head? If we as therapists haven't cleared our skin up, how can we help yours!? We advise on things you should be doing but 9 times out of 10 we are not doing them ourselves! 

Being a therapist means we have a time schedule to stick to, we don't have time for you to faff around with the nail colours, you should have thought about this before you came in for your appointment and not waste 10 minutes of my time asking me 'oh will this colour look nice?' Yes! just pick it and lets start the treatment! (we all love the clients that just know what they want! unless they pick french) 

The term 'beauty therapist' should also have more to it, such as a counsellor, relationship adviser, friend and generally just someone to talk to. The amount of clients who just come for a chat because they have no one else to talk to is just unreal! They ask our advice on what to do on everything and they really open up to us! so much so that they start crying on us (yes this has happened quite a lot)

The waxing part of this job id actually say is rather fun, its like a stress relief and somewhat therapeutic! Until you are covered in wax and sticking to absolutely everything! I've even left work with wax stuck in my hair... at the back of my head! how it got there? i have no idea! But wax does get everywhere!!  All so as a therapist you have to pull the strip of wax off rather fast, and we all know that feeling of not fully committing to a wax strip! Its quite happy where it is thank you, half removed, half still attached to the skin, and the client wondering why it hurt a lot more that time. Brilliant. 

At the start of every treatment we explain to you what clothing items you need to remove, where to put them and how to lie on the massage couch, so when we return we can crack straight into the treatment! We presume you heard all of it because your nodding and agreeing and sometimes you say it back to us! So how in those very short minutes do you forget everything!? Clothes and shoes are all over the floor (mainly where i need to stand) so i have to spend time putting them in the correct place instead of giving you your treatment, and you have lay the complete wrong way? If your in for a facial please do not lie face down! i can not give the back of your head a facial! Same goes for the disposable paper g - strings, wide part at the front and the thin part at the back, why would you even thing it was the other way around!? 

All in all we do enjoy out jobs! You test us and stress us out but we enjoy meeting people and making friends with our clients! Our job wouldn't be the same if all these things didn't happen! 

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