Monday, 19 October 2015

Halloween Nails

As its October and Halloween is fast approaching i thought id get a little bit more into the spirit of it all! so i opted for some Halloween nails! I love painting my nails to go with the event! either Valentines day, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas you name it i'm sure I've decorated my nails to match at some point! In this post i shall be telling you how to get this look using normal polish i shall be doing a different blog post on how to do konad gels very soon! 

What i used  - 
-An Orange nail varnish 
- Konad special polish 
- Konad stamp and scraper 
- image plate 
- Top and base coat 

In this image i used gel as i have my own gel machine at home and do not have the patience to wait for it to dry! So heres what i used - 

In this image you have the - 
Konad Stampe  which i brought for i think it was roughly £6 it included the stamp, scraper, two image plates and 3 mini konad special polishes 
Image plate Which is from bundle monster holiday collection 

In the second image i have the gel polish that i used,

Please note this gel polish is not the official Gelish!
Although i think it is just as good as the professional gelish as i have made this gel polish last up to 4 weeks without chipping and its very very very very similar as gelish colours as i work along side gelish at my job, i have compared them and no one can tel the difference! I personally love this brand of gel polish because you can get it for next to nothing! 

I buy my gel colours off ebay for the small price of £2.69! Yes you read that right £2.69! 

and heres the link, your welcome! 
We also have the special konad polish in the black, personally i think if you were to use the image plates you need the konad polish, ive tried using other polishes and it doesn't work at all really, the konad polish is much thicker than normal polish so it can transfer better (i wouldn't use konad polish all over the nail as it may take a lot longer to dry) 

So lets get started now we have everything, first thing first i always shape the nails first to the desired shape! i just find it easier to do this step first! I have always found a lot of people pick things up on their nail shape when they have more time to look at them so if i do this step first and then all the cuticle work, by the time i have finished the cuticle work they will have picked up on something if they are unhappy, were as if i do shaping last and paint straight after they notice it when the paint is on! and my god that's irritating! hehe so i always do this step first!! 

Secondly i like to push back the cuticles, always push back cuticles when they are wet! this doesn't mean you have to soak them in water for ages, i just like the get some cleansing spray on a cotton pad and wipe the nail, hey presto the cuticle is wet! 

After that we can go ahead and paint the base coat! Top and base coats are so so important! i get many questions asking why are my nails discolored and why are they chipping so fast, Base coats help prevent nail discoloration and top coat adds shine and seals the colour in.

Now we are ready to apply our first coat of colour! Now please don't worry if the first coat doesn't completely cover the nail plate we want a nice thin layer (if too thick it will take so long to dry!) Once you have painted your first coat of colour on all nails, go ahead and paint another coat! :) if you get any on the skin you can go around the edges with a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover. 

What you want to do now is wait for these to dry! Go grab a cuppa tea, watch some tv, read a book or wave your arms around the air helping them dry faster whatever you want to do, go do it! let them dry! 
Now for the next stage we want to be quite fast when picking up the image from the plate to applying it on the nail! Otherwise it will dry and you wont be able to either pick up the image on the stamp or stamp the image on the nail (this can take a little practice) We want  to get the image plate, find the image you want to apply to your nail (i personally would get some newspaper or something underneath as it can get messy!) and with your special polish just paint the polish over the image on the plate, give it a nice thick layer, now find your scraper and scrape over the image taking away the polish (then you will see the polish is a thin layer in bedded into the image) with your stamp simply press the spongy part over the image give it a little welly and then release and hopefully you should have your image on the stamp! (you might not get it all the time and probably wont get it the very first time, it does take some practice but once you have got the hang of it, you've got it) quickly check over the image making sure you have picked up all the image. 

Now find the nail you want to place the image on, line it up along side the nail and slowly ROLL the stamper over the nail from left to right or right to left whatever way suits you, do not just place it on the nail as the image wont apply correctly and HEY PRESTO! you should now hopefully have the image on your nail!

Once you have rolled your image and got the image where you want it to be and you are happy, using konad special polish top coat apply a thin layer of top coat! You can use other top coats but i just find they pull the design and smudge it so i like to stick to konads top coat leave to dry and you have just done your own nail art stamping! i hope you feel proud of yourself! If you want to know how to combine nail stamping with gel nails i shall be doing a post soon!

If you have any more questions about this process feel free to ask! My emails and twitter links are in the 'about me' page! I hope you have found this usefull and apologies if i rambled!
Much loves :) 

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