Monday, 5 October 2015

Drugstore to high end Brows!

We all know that when we meet someone we instantly judge, we cant help it, its just what we do even if we say we don't judge anybody and it only takes approx 3 seconds to decide if you like them or not. During those 3 seconds were most probably looking at their face and one of the things i certainly look at are eyebrows! I feel like over the last few years eyebrows are officially a 'thing' and its a 'thing' everyone wants the best of! 

So without further ado i shall get on with the aim of this post! (before i go on rambling about pointless stuff) i have found a product and a cheap product i shall add that makes brows look AMAZING! it is none other than a collection 'work the colour' eyebrow kit !

Collection work the colour eyebrow kit £3.99

I got my little kit from superdrug as i was looking for something cheap when i first started filling in my eyebrows and its perfect! It has 3 different powders which you can mix together with the brush that is supplied within to find your perfect eyebrow shade! Once you have found your eyebrow shade apply it with the double ended brush, i personally find the angled side is easier to apply because i like a nice crisp line or if your really not bothered then you can use the other end which is a standard brush id say. Once you are happy with the look you have created it also comes with a gel to secure it all in place!

If your eyebrows are anything like mine then they never like to stay where i want them to! So with the help of the gel it stays in place!  I have solidly used this product for about a year or so and it doesnt even look like ive touched it! Fair to say this product will last a very long time and for the price well you just cant beat it! 

Or if you dont mind spending a little more on your eyebrows, lets face it everyone notices eyebrows!! Then you can try out this bad boy! 

Chelsea Boutique £35

So i only came across this product because i was testing it for work, if i liked it then we would get some to sell to our clients. 
It does come with a price tag of £35! But within the box you get a very nice eyebrow brush which to be honest does feel amazing to hold (weird i know) but it just fits in the hand nicely and the bristles are so soft! (Its all about the bristles) It also comes with 6 eyebrow stencils! so if your no good at drawing eyebrows on then you can just simply find the stencil you like, place it over your eyebrow and fill away with the powder! 

When choosing this product you must make sure you get the correct colour for your eyebrows, they come in a range of colours but you only get one colour per pack, which is easier if you don't want to faff mixing your colour!

I found this eyebrow kit very long lasting! It definitely does what it says on the tin! Smudge proof and water resistant! it did take some scrubbing to free my eyebrow of powder which on a busy or hot day this is perfect!! Plus you get a set of tweezers! who doesnt want some tweezers!! They are a life saver! 

Let me know your favorite eyebrow products! Im open to all suggestions! 

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