Friday, 2 October 2015

One of my Favourite skin care brands!

Now i can imagine not many have heard of this brand! but my god i can not express enough how much i love it ! The amazing brand is called Pevonia Botanica! Its an American range so in the UK no one has heard of it! 

You cant buy this product on the high street as its to 'active' for people who don't know the brand to buy, you have to be recommended  by a pevonia trained therapist (such as myself). Active ingredients in product just means that it will change the skin in certain concentrates, in simpler terms you will notice a change to your skin straight away using all pevonia products.

I would honestly recommend this brand to everyone! Now being only 22 i find my skin very dehydrated, therefore it feels very tight and uncomfortable if i don't moisturize, I've used other high street brands and none have made my skin feel so comfortable as pevonia dry skin cream has, the feel on my face when i have applied this product is oh so fab! I personally have to love the way a product looks in its packaging to be more interested in it, the packaging for pevonia products i find are perfect, they come in perfect sizes and they feel great to hold (i think i'm in love). 

This brand is defiantly not a 'cheap brand' and i am not one for 'splashing out the cash' i try to avoid big price tags and use the cheaper brands but if you want something that will work then pevonia is the one! If you suffer with rosacea, oily or hormonal skin then pevonia is worth looking into! when doing a facial on my clients using pevonia rosacea products i have never seen such a massive difference in all my life! my client came in with very red looking skin on her face and when she left the treatment room an hour later all her redness has gone and better yet she could take away her clay mask of her face as a little token of her time with me! 

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Youll love them all! ♥

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