Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Complexion Sponge

I know i am a little late jumping on the band wagon but i finally jumped on and so glad i did! I've heard so many people rave about how good these sponges are to blend in foundation, i always thought a sponge surely cant be to much different to a brush, How wrong was i!? 

I don't know if it was just coincidence but when i first used the sponge or beauty blender (as some like to call it) i had a lot of people commenting on how good my skin looked, they said it didn't even look like i was wearing foundation and that my skin looked amazing! We all love a good compliment i know but weather it was down to the sponge, who knows? But for now i shall say yes, yes it was down to the sponge. 

When i first started using this complexion sponge i just thought it was going to soak up my foundation into the sponge but surprisingly it hasn't! When applying the sponge on your face, oh my its soft! There is nothing worse than applying a brush or something on your face and its rough and makes it generally feel like i'm taking a layer off my skin if i apply it with a cheap makeup brush, but using this sponge its like applying silk to your face (not quite literally silk

Overall i am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this sponge to everyone! I actually look forward to applying my foundation in the morning (sad i know) and not having to worry about those lines that brushes leave! the dreaded lines! 

I purchased my complexion sponge from superdrug at £5.99 

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